Acceptance procedure: All exhibitors that have been accepted will be listed on our website All
spaces are 1st come 1st served. A completed application with payment will secure the space. Miller Promotions cannot hold

Set up info: Set up time is the night before your scheduled day at 8:30 pm, or 8 am. – 10 am. prior to the start of the event. Each
exhibitor is responsible for his or her own space set up. All exhibitors must be equipped with their own dolly.
Tear down info: Tear down time is when the mall closes the day of the event you are completing. Any vendor packing up early
will be banned from future events by Miller Promotions

Important vendor details: Exhibitors are purchasing frontage space. (10×10 booth space) Vendors cannot use any space other than
what is rented. If a vendor needs or wants walk space around their space, then they must rent additional space. The space will be
measured out, and enforced.

Vendors must have: Table covering touching the floor for the front of their table. Exhibitors renting spaces with electric will need
an extension cord and a power surge cord if the exhibitor has a need for multiple plugs. The space does not include a table or
chairs. A vendor may rent a table for $15 and cloth for $10

$70 – Fri, $100 – Sat, $70 – Sun or $210 for all 3 days

Womens Boutique Shopping Expo

  • Tables and covers are available to rent for the event. Rental fee is $15 each for table & $10 each for cover for the entire event.
  • Exhibitor indemnifies and hold harmless merchant and leasing association, mall owners, Miller Promotions, Susan Miller, employees and contractors of Miller Promotions, Zamias Property Group, CBL & Associates Properties, Inc., Gemini Real Estate Advisors, LLC., J J Gumberg Co., Urban Rental, Moonbeam Capital Investments LLC., show managers and all merchants leasing or owning space in said mall, or show, their agents and employees from and against any and all liability, claims, thefts, demands, expenses, fees and penalties, suits, proceedings, actions, and causes of action of any and every kind and nature arising or growing out of or in any way connected with Exhibitor’s use of occupancy of mall or any Exhibitor’s activities in said mall (show). Exhibitor acknowledges and agrees to abide by all guidelines, rules, and regulations set forth by Miller Promotions, which are found on, or available by mall, as well as set forth by mall owners, for all Miller Promotions shows you participate in. Miller Promotions and the mall management reserves the right to refuse space to or remove any exhibitor who does not comply with, accept, or cooperate with guidelines as stated in Miller Promotions, rules and regulations even if exhibitor has already been accepted into shows. Miller Promotions and mall management reserves the right to ask an exhibitor to remove and/or change any item or signage within booth space relative to the levels of professional standards set by the mall or Miller Promotions or if a product is in direct competition with another in-line store or cart/kiosk at the time of the show, anytime during the show, even if already accepted in advance.
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