• Each space is $50 for the event.
  • Tables and covers are available to rent for the event. Rental fee is $15 each for table & $10 each for cover for the entire event.
  • This application serves as a contract for exhibiting at the scheduled Pampered Mom Expo. Upon acceptance, vendors in the event will be held to the rules and guidelines listed in this contract. Please read carefully and retain a copy of the application/contract and conditions of the show for your record
  • Exhibitor indemnifies and hold harmless merchant and leasing association, mall owners, Miller Promotions, Susan Miller, employees and contractors of Miller Promotions, Zamias Property Group, CBL & Associates Properties, Inc., Gemini Real Estate Advisors, LLC., J J Gumberg Co., Urban Rental, Moonbeam Capital Investments LLC., show managers and all merchants leasing or owning space in said mall, or show, their agents and employees from and against any and all liability, claims, thefts, demands, expenses, fees and penalties, suits, proceedings, actions, and causes of action of any and every kind and nature arising or growing out of or in any way connected with Exhibitor’s use of occupancy of mall or any Exhibitor’s activities in said mall (show). Exhibitor acknowledges and agrees to abide by all guidelines, rules, and regulations set forth by Miller Promotions, which are found on, or available by mall, as well as set forth by mall owners, for all Miller Promotions shows you participate in. Miller Promotions and the mall management reserves the right to refuse space to or remove any exhibitor who does not comply with, accept, or cooperate with guidelines as stated in Miller Promotions, rules and regulations even if exhibitor has already been accepted into shows. Miller Promotions and mall management reserves the right to ask an exhibitor to remove and/or change any item or signage within booth space relative to the levels of professional standards set by the mall or Miller Promotions or if a product is in direct competition with another in-line store or cart/kiosk at the time of the show, anytime during the show, even if already accepted in advance.
  • Rules of the Show
    1. Your booth must stay open during all mall hours. Generally hours are Fri–Sat from 10am to 9pm and Sunday from 11am to 6pm.
    2. Exhibitors provide their own props and other display items.
    3. Maximum display height is 6’6”.
    4. The backside of your display must have a finished appearance if you are building a booth.
    5. All boxes, cartons, trash, coats, and inventory should be stored out of sight.
    6. Early teardowns are NOT permitted. Vendors that tear down early, will not permitted to do any future shows through Miller Promotions.
    7. Exhibitor attire should be professional looking. Collared shirts, blouses, and casual pants are preferred. Company t-shirts are permitted. No shorts, t-shirts, or flip-flops allowed.
    8. Exhibitor’s booth must not interfere with adjacent exhibits, extend into the aisle in any way, or occupy any space other than the specific rented size.
    9. The mall management reserves the right to remove any vendor that does not meet mall management requirements.
    10. Exhibitor’s booth must not interfere with adjacent exhibits, extend into the aisle in any way, or occupy any space other than the specific rented size.
    11. All exhibitors must follow additional rules set by mall management.
    12. The leased tenants have priority over weekend vendors of Miller Promotions. To eliminate direct competition with leased tenants of the mall, the Mall Management reserves the right to move or remove any weekend vendor of Miller Promotions. If this situation should arise, then Miller Promotions will extend a credit or refund to any vendor that is removed by mall management for competition reasons.
    13. Exhibit booth must be manned at all times.
    14. Exhibitors are solely responsible for unloading, erection of display, and removal of exhibit.
    15. Set up will only be allowed before the mall opens, or after it closes. Any exhibitor attempting to set up during mall hours will be expelled from the show immediately.
    16. The show promoter, the mall management, and all of its agents are not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged, merchandise of exhibitor.
    17. Children of vendors, under the age of 15, are not permitted to walk through the mall without adult supervision.
    18. The Gift and Craft Expo(s), Miller Promotions, and any of it’s coordinators and agents, will not be liable for refunds or any other liabilities whatsoever for the failure to fulfill this contract due to reasons of the enclosure in which the show is produced, being before, or during the show is destroyed by fire or any other calamity, act of God, public enemy, strikes, ordinances, or legal authority, or any other act beyond the control of the coordinators which make it impossible to hold the show.
    19. Exhibitors are responsible for their own insurance and should provide proof of insurance. Failure to secure insurance will make the exhibitor liable for any claims or suits held against them by the customer or people attending the event. Exhibitor accepts this liability when participating in this show. Certificate must list Susan Miller dba Miller Promotions is named as an additional insured
    20. The following are not permitted at any show:
    • NO Lawn chairs, TV trays, Radios, TV’s, headsets, card playing (tip – reading a book is not conducive to sales).
    • NO Alcohol – Any exhibitor under the influence of alcohol or drugs will be removed from the show.
    • NO handmade signs.
    • NO “Hawking” or standing/sitting outside booth.
    • NO Aluminum clamp lights. Studio draftsman and acrylic clip-on lights are permitted.
    • NO Eating in front of customers. Smoking is prohibited in most malls.
    • Do not use mall fixtures, trees, seating or fountains for display or storage.
    • Do not extend outside of measured area.
    22. No canopies or pop tents will be allowed.
    23. Vendors must use the following:
    • Rubber tips or mats must be used under metal displays.
    • Painter’s tape to cover any electrical cords
    • Rubber wheeled dolly
    Checking the "I Agree" box attests that you have read the above indemnity clause and aggree to the terms contained herein.
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