Jan. 13 -14, 2018

Washington Crown Center

5K walk: Sat. 8-10am. Check in is at 7:30am

Education series: Sun. 12-4pm.

Exhibits: Sat. & Sun. – Mall Hours

Event schedule

  • Sat. 8 – 10 AM 5K walk
  • Sat. 10-9 PM Wellness exhibitors
  • Sun. 12 – 5pm Wellness exhibitors
  • Sun. 1-4 PM Wellness education series

Vendors have the opportunity to participate in lecture series and include their company info in the registration bags.

Vendor space is available!

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5K walk is Sat. 8-10am. Check in is at 7:30am

5K walkers must register!

Use the form to the left side of this page. Your information will be at checkin. You will be given a number and instructions. Upon completion of your walk, you will receive the Health Preventions Swag Bag. This bag will be loaded with samples, goodies, coupons, and valuable information. Only registered 5K walkers will receive the swag bag.

Education series is Sun. 12-4pm.

All are welcome to attend this complimentary education series that will have wellness experts on hand to provide information and education in several areas of health and wellness. You will be able to ask questions during the lectures. There will also be cooking demonstrations.
Times for the scheduled lectures will be posted soon.


This event will offer exhibits of health and wellness vendors that will introduce you to the latest within the health and wellness industry. Vendor space is available. Please call our office at 412 415 3584

Direct sales vendors cannot participate in an event that has a rep for their company participating. To cut down the number of vendors calling us, to ask if a vendor from their company was in a specific event, we developed this list for their review.

Register for the 5K Walk

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